Business Process Management.

Business Process Managements that you can work with.

Business processes involve people and content and often span multiple enterprise applications. Only when these work together in an integrated environment can you maximize productivity and value chanis.

Open Text Business Process Management Server

By optimizing business processes your company can also more readily comply with regulations, and quickly respond to changing market dynamics and customer demands. In turn, more efficient processes increase productivity and deliver a competitive edge.

With the Business Process Management component of the Open Text ECM Suite, you can create, deploy, modify, and manage business processes of any complexity, intregrating people and content from multiple application for true, end-to-end process management. The ease with which this can be accomplished empowers business process owners to build and manage workflows with little or no dependence on valuable IT resources.

Open Text Business Process Management Server (formerly Livelink ECM - Business Process Management Server) manages your comapny's structured workflows by analyzing, administrating, automating and optimizing them.

Due to its flexible and scalable design, Open Text Business Process Management (BPM) Server enables you to manage the most extensive complex processes, comprising millions of transactions, thousands of users and several applications.

What makes a BPM Process Effective?


  • Support the entire corporation not just department


  • Process Designer to create complex workflows and business processes
  • User Interfaces
  • Integration agents to other applications


  • Designed process allocated to specific users
  • Ad-hoc capabilities allow users to create and share their own process designs

BPM Architecture