Business Intelligence.

Performa. Business intelligence that you can work with.

Performa BI Suite is designed with the objective to provide organizations with the power and the capabilities of Enterprise BI Suite at an affordable pricing. Performa BI Suite ensures high user experience and satisfaction with interactive, intuitive, user friendly dashboards and business analytics.

Performa comprises of integrated products such as, BI Reports and BI Tools.

Features and Benefits:

BI Report:

  • Drive data consistency and quality
  • Build share powerful analytics
  • Harness the wealth of available data
  • Make faster and better decisions
  • Deliver single business views across the enterprise
  • Optimize IT resources and productivity

BI Tools:

  • Rich visualizations without complex programming
  • View multiple performance metrics on single screen
  • Greater visibility into critical business information
  • Align everyone towards a common goal
  • Enhance collaborative environment
  • Minimum training with user friendly interfaces