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60% of businesses still use paper documentation. That's an estimated total amount of 68,305 tonnes of paper being used in a day. What a waste! Not to mention all that clutter. What we provide is a service that not only increases productivity, it's also green. Come on! Jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon! You know you want to.

Incorporated in 1989, TechnoNet Sdn Bhd is a privately held company focused on providing high quality, cost-effective Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) that provide customers with a 360-degree view of their enterprise information, empowering it to be transformed into actionable intelligence. Additionally, we cater to system solution components, related professional services, scanning conversion and bureau services. Commitment to established and evolving industry standards and protocols for information and image management enables TechnoNet to meet the demand for the open system. TechnoNet Sdn Bhd logo

The principals of TechnoNet offer 30 years of combined experience in business and information technology specifically in the field of document management and enterprise performance management, and have established strategic business partnerships with companies offering the best products and services available today.

TechnoNet offers a wide variety of Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions as well as specific related products and services to fulfil customer requirements. The following list illustrates the major capabilities and services that can be provided:

  • Document Management
  • Record Management
  • Portal
  • Records Management
  • Collaboration
  • Search Server
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Technical Document Management Solution and Services
  • Process Analysis and Workflow Design
  • System Design, Development and Consulting
  • Scanning Conversion and Bureau Services for all Media Types
  • Customized Corporate IT Training

TechnoNet's Strength

TechnoNet is a structured company with a dynamic team to help you to achieve your goals. We have:

  • Certified eDOCS Professionals who are capable of consulting, implementing, developing and maintaining of the eDOCS suite of products.
  • Certified Cardiff Professionals that are capable to provide turn – key solutions for the Business Process Management and Content Capture Solutions.
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator(MCDBAs), Microsoft Certified System Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Share Point Server 2007 Professional who are capable of developing complex and mission critical systems in Microsoft platform.

TechnoNet's Approach

Our goal is to fit custom – made solutions that improve our customer’s information management processes. We:

  • Study our customers’operational challenges.
  • Help our customers in producing courses of actions to become the challenges by working together as partners.
  • Study our customers’expectations and their definition of success with an automated solution.
  • Work with our customers to develop a set of planned and detailed specifications.
  • Build the application using an interactive development (or the spiral approach) process, which is fitted in tandem with the Joint Application Development (JAD). With Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, we review the progress together with our customers and refine the process based on their feedback.

TechnoNet houses a facility that is capable of simulating an environment similar to our customers’. This enables TechnoNet to thoroughly test the solutions prior to implementation.

We then fit the complete solution at our customers premises and train their staff. The automated solution is set to become fully operational – The Hallmark of TechnoNet caliber.